Journey To Seshachalam Hills, Southern India

Fascinated with the ritual of Tonsure we were drawn to India, in particular, the Seshachalam Hills in Southern India. Considered to be one of the largest pilgrimage destinations in the nation, each year millions of pilgrims display their devotion to the deity Venkateswara the destroyer of sins by shaving their tresses as a selfless act in an attempt to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The ritual, in its purest form centers around “letting go”.

Selflessness Of The Tonsured

Cleo’s co-founders having a curious interest in this ceremony of “letting go”. Following the story of these pilgrims, we were lead to the highest quality natural hair extensions. The selflessness of the tonsured pilgrims revealed an ethical source of virgin natural hair extensions that we found to suit the needs of the elegant empowered South African woman.

The Talented Youth

CLEO is a young company with a youthful, talented team at the helm. Although young, our team has the experience where it counts. Cleo’s co-founders defy Hair & Beauty industry norms with their talent for distribution and retail while showing a superior understanding of the online marketplace. Together with their team of specialists, Cleo is able to supply an ever growing range of ethically sourced high-quality natural Premium Human Hair Extensions.

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